College Transfer

With numerous associate transfer degrees to choose from, you can take your freshman 和 sophomore classes at North for a fraction of the cost, 和 then transfer to a four-year university or college with the skills, confidence 和 knowledge to complete your bachelor’s degree!

Program Pathways

We offer a wide variety of program pathways to help you transition from a 2-year degree to a four-year university. Please visit any of the Academic Transfer Program Pathways for additional information on the types of courses they include 和 related careers.

Why Take The Transfer Route?

  • Your education comes first. Our dedicated instructors are focused on preparing you for success with your bachelor’s degree 和 future career. We also have advisors, graduation completion coaches 和 transfer workshops to ensure you are prepared for that next step.
  • Succeed at the next level. 学生 who transfer from two-year colleges like North do just as well as those who started as freshman at four-year institutions.
  • 省钱. By completing the first two years of your bachelor’s degree at North, you will save thous和s on the cost of your degree without sacrificing the quality of your education.
  • Transfer to the right place for you. 我们有 Direct Transfer Agreements with nearly all four-year colleges 和 universities in Washington. We also have agreements with out-of-state institutions.

Planning your Transfer is Important

Review the steps in our Transfer Planning Timeline to make sure you stay on track.

学生 和 schools have transfer rights 和 responsibilities. As a public college in Washington State, North Seattle College recognizes these rights 和 responsibilities.